Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pressure to Power the World - Idea #25132

Project Idea: Use of Pressure to Create Energy 

Perhaps through the use of a piezoelectric disk? (

Another way to harvest the wind using a piezoelectric ideas. Possibly modifying the structure of the disk. The solution could provide renewable energy cheaply, solve the problem of distance with electric cars by allowing for another method of charging the battery.

In this example the wind is interacting with a slightly free hanging structure. This then puts pressure on a variation of a piezoelectric disk which generates voltage transferred to a storage device. A scenario where I could see this would be the grill of car where the faster it moves the more pressure would be applied causing the disk to distort and more voltage to be created.

A potential second scenario would be to create entire frames of objects to be piezoelectric discs.

For example here is a window frame or even better a series of windows that make up an array in an office building

In this example the entire window frame is a piezoelectric disk as wind pushes on the glass it applies pressure to the frame that causes distortion in the disk creating voltage.

You would have to make them sensitive enough and amplify the voltage.


1.) Does the disk have reverberate contract and detract to make voltage?

If the answer if that it can create voltage under constant pressure then perhaps another application can be applied one where the primary foundation of a house is a large Piezoelectric disk and the weight of the structure + gravity applies pressure on the foundation. Since this pressure will be constant the home\office \structure would have a limitless amount of energy.

2.) Can we arrange with technology the atoms of the crystals in such a way to increase voltage, make the plates more sensitive, and more efficient?

3.) What equations do I have to know to find out if this is feasible? Who would I ask?

4.) If this is possible has it been tried before?

5.) If it is possible and has not been tried before how would I get a grant to create a prototype.

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