Thursday, August 02, 2012

Punked the Faithful Version

Sometimes a part of me wants to pull a super elaborate prank. Perhaps using satellites and some illumination process with lasers write some scripture in the night sky saying something

“Follow the sign into the wilderness and you will be saved for I am the lord your god”

On the very next day cause a red laser from space to be seen all over the world and watch people flock to the point of light and then slowly move the dot as the masses of people followed it…maybe down to Antarctica or something…after all you need to suffer and endure to be saved right?

It would be kind of like that game you play with a cat where you shine the red dot and let the cat chase it but never can catch it.

Then just turn it off and leave them wondering… hopefully some place really far away.

Where is Ashton when I need him?

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