Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Screenplay Idea #5612

A young man is brutally murdered and mugged by a small gang a hoodlums who drag his body into a run down house and go through his . They take his cash and in his wallet he also has a lottery ticket for the Powerball ticket for the drawing that night as it drifts down to the ground you hear them say it is not your lucky day mother @#$%.

The next morning as they are waking up. The news is lit up by the fact that someone in their town has won the power ball jackpot of 125,000,000.00

They know where the ticket is as they go back to get it a homeless person is there with the body he gets killed.

They have to kill the owner who of th store who sold the ticket to get the video of who bought the ticket.

They start to kill each other until there is one left who is in prison.

His cell door opens

Flash of a shanks meddle in the dark

Another flash now with blood on it

Flash to a news report of a cop claiming the largest Powerball jack pot in state history.

Fade to black....

It is probably an over done concept on greed, corruption ect but might be the right time and place for a small movie project.

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