Sunday, June 25, 2006

Americanization = Depression = Excess (Read: escape)

Drunkenness factor: 79%

What is excess?
Excess is an overabundance.
Excess is a scapegoat
A Pseudo Disease
A mere symptom
You don't get cancer from smoking three packs in a day
But you have smoked in excess
Cliché insertion: Anything in excess is bad
Cliché Insertion: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Drink Brian Drink
12 shots feel good
The stress of our color in the lines world slips away
Don't be afraid to be picked on
The odd kid out
Being the odd kid out is the Americanization of excess
Or better stated our fear of being the odd kid out
Last picked for kickball
Being smart = teachers pet = ridicule
The end result is a mediocre student
Afraid to raise their hand or ace a test
A lesson carried for life
Don't be too much better then others or they won't like you
I don't want to be different
Or called on even when I know the answer
I want to be safe
Be liked
Part of the pack
I color in the lines
I am non- offensive
Non - Abrasive
Different is only good if it is universally accepted then it is not difference
Life is boring
Life is meaningless
I escape it with a repetitive behavior
I drink to the lines that I don’t cross
I make up for it by becoming a zombie
That depresses me
I escape only to repeat
Unfulfilled potential = depression = escape
The repetition of the escape is what causes cancer
Credit card debt
The Clap
I never learned to be ok with being picked last
Being outside the lines
Teachers little pet
I am a victim of my own conformity
I am a self handicapping repetitiously excessive escape artist
Mother fucking Houdini has nothing on me.....


Say Rah! said...

you make some very interesting points. it's thought-provoking, for sure.

did i invent the "drunkness factor" we're now seeing amongst our little circle of blog friends?

Brian in Mpls said...

lol...I know I love the drunkness factor:) I will have to add you to my bibliography:) Congrats on Mr. Nice btw

Megsta said...

this made me a little sad...

Jess said...

Learning to be okay with being picked last for whatever or learning to deal with the ire you draw by destroying the curve isn't something I would ever have wished on anyone. Or something I could ever have imagined anyone wanting to experience.

If you go too far in embracing being the odd one out, it can almost push you to a point where you feel like you HAVE to be different. Maybe you want to color inside the lines and have a pretty picture just like everyone else. But then what would people think?

Brian in Mpls said...

I really not am this sad just get to thinking sometime

Rocketstar said...

I see a couch in your future ;o)

Let me know, I have a good one.

Brian in Mpls said...

Couch or Card Board box...I think the race is neck and neck at the moment