Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Unearthed Long Forgotten Hidden Treasure

Enter the public library. I have forgotten how much I love the’. Too bad you had not forgotten that I owed you $35 dollars from a 1998 check-out that I don’t remember. That aside I am glad we have met again.

Top 10 Reasons for my rekindled love affair with the library.

1.) Its quiet…Really just like the movies.

2.) The people that work there are super helpful…especially for researching topics.

3.) Its free. I have saved a lot of money…next to booze books are my second biggest optional expense.

4.) They have music I can take home and rip without worry of what bearshare is downloading on my PC.

5.) Its not pretentious.

6.) There are lots of geeks just like me there. I have met a lot of them.

7.) Now I can renew my books online without having to go back into the library

8.) When I am done I don’t have more books that I have to pack…I just drop them off.

9.) If the book sucks oh well I didn’t pay for it.

10.) It makes me happy that there is an institution filled with knowledge that is free to the public (tax funding aside), that everyone can access and benefit from. It is part of our community.

Top Five Reasons I don’t about going to the library

1.) Not a whole lot of new releases and the ones that they do have are usually checked out.

2.) I can’t write in the margins of the book.

3.) If I really like it and want to share it with people I have to buy it anyways.

4.) Brining books back…can’t the library work like netflicks?

5.) That I feel like everything I read is being tracked by the government.


Rachel said...

I haven't been to the library since I got internet hooked up at home. Sadly, I pretty much just used it to check my email. I should go back again sometime. I should get my library card back from Dawn sometime.

theresa said...

Libraries are the coolest.

lauren said...

5) Probably because they are. (Wow, that was a very Rocket-like statement, wouldn't you agre?)

I, too, share your love of libraries. I FINALLY got my brand-spankin' new Hamilton County library card now that I am a permanent resident of Cincinnati. It smells like books.

Rocketstar said...

Lauren, I would gues both Brian and yourself are correct. The government is watching, especially for "The Anarchist's Survival Guide".

They most likely are also searching blogs for those very key words, OH SHIT, now they will really be on my tail.


lauren said...

Rocket, I am quite sure you are already a target of national security. :)

Anonymous said...

4.) They have music I can take home and rip without worry of what bearshare is downloading on my PC.
...i'm sorry that at my suggestion, you downloaded bearshare and it fucked up your computer! good to know that i'm not the only one with a secret love for the library...i think its that damn nerd gene!

karphosite said...

I like to be in libraries for the sake of being surrounded by books but I never got a regular...for the reason you mentioned too..I need to own the books not just read them.
I did try though. Another experiment for u if u like (I found it very exciting) Going down the aisle hand outstretched to brush the back of the books, close your yes and stop when u feel like it. Pick the book where u stopped. :)

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