Friday, March 09, 2012

Founded on Christian Values \ Principles?

Here is a little experiment and civic lesson that is fun and informative. Next time you here someone spout this non-sense it is time to ask them a few questions.

Usually it takes just one.
1.) What values and principles are those?

If I am feeling like being a dick I pull up a copy of the declaration of independence and start reading through the charges against the king and asking where in the bible would I find the corresponding principle? Can they show me?

Every once and a while I encounter the joy of running into a minister or student who can take this argument a step further because let be honest the bible can justify anything. The question then becomes is this exclusively a Christian Principle? (The ones that can be found can also be found in every major religion as well as within the pages of the lord of the rings, the odyssey, etc)

If they are really good they will come up with samples and verses but fail the following test. The bible is filled with stories, recordation of events, fables and analogies but these truths preexisted Christianity. They are not even religious in nature.

Ask these questions and if you are religious you should appreciate the effort to discover this for yourself. After all you should probably know why you go to a Church and not a Mosque or Temple or visa versa.

1.) What values and principles distinguish Christianity from say Islam or Taoism?
2.) Do you have to be religious at all to live this value or Principle?

The simple answer is this countries founding has nothing to do with Christianity.

If you think you can prove otherwise after completing these simple exercises I would love to hear from you.

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