Friday, March 16, 2012

Team Shirts

As I advance in my career the focus of building teams becomes increasingly important. There is an interesting dynamic that I have been watching play out. Imagine this scenario your company is part owner of a professional sports team. In celebration of that fact three years the company bought everybody at the company official team sports jerseys. So everyone who was at the company during that time has them.

Now this company continues to have “pride” days where everybody is asked to come dressed in their team colors. (Jerseys) Now new employees have the option of buying a jersey at a moderate expense or not participating in the team events. This seems to cause considerable rifts between the employees who have a jersey and those who don’t.

Seems an obvious solution would be to buy a jersey for every new employee on some schedule for example after their 2nd annual review or something. However due to budget constraints that is not possible. Wondering if any other companies have “pride” day issue like this and how they deal with them?


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