Friday, March 02, 2012

New Blog – The Fecal Platter

Here is a blog concept that would be an instant hit.

People submit photos of their bowel movements and they are analyzed by a blogger who give them a reason the fecal payload is the way it is color, length consistency etc. along with a recommendation of change in diet and a recipe to drive home the change.

I think this would be a hit because it hits all of the following.
1.) It is interactive with the audience (they submit you respond)
2.) You build up a pipeline – people will keep coming back every day wanting to see their turd on your home page.
3.) It is a little bizarre and novel. It will get people talking.
4.) It has built in niche sponsorship with companies like Metamucil or colonoscopies.
5.) You could partner with charities colon cancer etc.
6.) It is a subject that people are embarrassed to talk about driving more people to search on the internet for items like colon health.
7.) Providing recipes and advice targeted to the audience gives them positive incentive for taking the time to visit the blog.

Anyone want to turn poop into gold with me?

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Rocketstar said...

But who had that analysis expertise?