Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turning Over Your Social Media Passwords for a Job Interview?

There has been a lot talk about companies asking job interview candidates for their social media passwords. I don’t quite buy into this though. This seems extremely risky from a business point of view. The candidate could easily say you looked at my personal pictures and writing and didn’t hire me because of my orientation on this matter.

In fact prior to a job interview where this was a possibility I would almost encourage people to take a lot of pictures of them kissing someone of the same sex, join some obscure religious sects fan page and sue the company for discrimination if you didn’t get the job.

I can’t think of one reason why a company would want to absorb this type of risk, why their auditors or insurance coverage would want to allow it either.

But if it is a possibility for you I would turn the invasion of privacy into sure hire or pay day with a little reverse play.

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Christy said...

I heard this story and think it's so crazy! I've heard of companies checking profiles for whatever reason (still think that's wrong) but needing passwords?? I think it's a good reminder that some discretion on fb doens't hurt though :)