Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This might be a complete burst of bull shit or it is marketing genius. At the ripe old age of 34 I have come to the conclusion I have no idea what dubstep is. In the music store however I noticed that it apparently has its own section and then it occurred to me perhaps there is nothing to this genre of music other then awesome marketing. I mean your own section where you only have to compete with a limited array of artists. You pay a fee to have your album labeled dubstep and you are on your way.

PS If anyone is reading this from radio station please stop playing that Alex Clare song you are a day late and dollar short. Plus the acoustic version was ten times better when it came out like ten years ago. 

Look at that I made a hipster comment...I crack myself up

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm only a few years younger and consider myself fairly musically hip...but I still haven't been able to define dubstep. To me it's just a fancy way of referring to club music or techno.