Monday, July 17, 2006

Hats for Sale

My sword pierces flesh
In apathetic fever
Future sacrificed by my own vile hand
Happiness casualties
Wounded by words not yet spoken
Light is in two places at once
Like my love
My bitterness
My anger and indifference
Despair doesn't even scratch the surface
A stone grows in my heart
Like a medicine ball impaled in my chest
Sand pours in week after week
Until it is so heavy
Walking only comes with great effort
Strapped to a deck of a rusted boat
Unable to fight this current
Unable to go back
Drifting me to sea
I watch my dreams disappear
Like the sun slowly sinking on the horizon
possibility snuffed out like candles on your birthday cake
Blown out by someone else
And all you can do is smile
Cause it is picture time
After all it is not their fault
You invited them


Megsta said...

Wow - sounds like you need a vacation, good thing you're "going to Mexico" with the old skool crew this weekend!!!!

Brian in Mpls said...

Can you go out tomorrow night?

Megsta said...

only till 7:30