Monday, July 03, 2006

You can call me Al

You can tell where people know me from by what they call me…. Here is a key

If you here me referred to as BJ Chances are we went to kindergarten -6 grade together and you knew how much I hated being referred to as a term synonymous with blow job and so you called me this obviously…

If you hear me referred to as “Slim” – We went to high school together or you know me through someone I went to high school with. I used to be tall and skinny so it is kind of self explanatory.

If you hear me referred to as “Biz” or “Bizzzio” we worked at RFC together or you know me through someone at RFC. Term is a blend of my gangster persona and the term can’t right now I am “Busy yo”…..lately it is mostly just biz

Ryan or Rye – We went to Brown or KRS together. My name was misspelled and I just never bothered to correct it or anyone so to this day there is a large chuck of people I run into who think my name is Ryan

Prop – We went to normandale together and you are a punk making fun of my business attire, my intellectual prowess and old age by shortening the term professor…lol I still love you anyway

Brian (<- With the squiggly over the n, Dawn I forgot how to do that?) You are a part of the chinga tu madre clan or grandfathered in because of blogging and I love youJ

Bri Rye Try – I know you through Cee Cee

Iror Raw the VII – You were there for my first blog when this is the name that used to publish under it is an anagram for the 7th Warrior (Also a play a error raw, or the rawest error) most people call me Iron or Raw form whom this is how I met

Bri – Could know you from anywhere this is just what most people shorten my name to

Then there is just Brian

Also not mentioned here are the terms of endearment between tight friends that include Jackass, Fucker, Dill Hole, Pudge, Dot, Suggaa..and UB


dawnmarie said...

hold down alt and press 0241


theresa said...

aw, we love you too :)

Dem Soldier said...

How about just Bra....kidding...

Hey Brian!

Anonymous said...

What about Sugr???