Thursday, July 06, 2006

Zero Gravity

Ready for a little mind fuck? Gravity doesn’t exist. Every object around you is doubling in size every second. You don’t notice it because you can only perceive size with your eyes based on objects next to it. You don’t notice the expansion any more than you notice we are rotating through space at millions of miles an hour or that your cells and molecules are rotating and dying within your body. All of our scientific instruments are based on perception so they are unable to detect the change. If the ruler grows in proportion to the item it measures they will always be the same hence we can’t tell that everything is doubling in size every second. When you jump it is not gravity that returns you to the earth but the fact that the earth doubles in size until it reaches your feet. You are actually a billion feet tall but you don’t know it because everything around you is doubling at the same time. This is why the universe is expanding it is doubling every second too. Molecules atoms elements expanding constantly. Gravity is not real. Once you chance your perspective you alter what is possible.

What about planes….planes don’t defy gravity the defy atmospheric pressure by creating lift.

Rotation? Magnetism

Any questions?


Rocketstar said...

What about space? When standing on the Moon, we do not experience the same "gravity" as on Earth. So is the Moon not expanding at the same rate as the Earth?

Brian in Mpls said...

Or are we just assuming we are not experiencing the same gravity and the cause is due to another factor such as pressure or magnetic pull?

karphosite said...

If its undedectable by science and hence humans how do we "know" that theory is right since its obviously thought up by humans?

Brian in Mpls said...

Thats the point we don't

Anne I miss you:) Sorry about Germany getting bumbed out but that was a good match... Has it settled down over there yet?

karphosite said...

Oh well I will find out tomorrow when I enter Berlin. I'm not too sad about it though..we still have chances to make the third place and u really cant blame the team they did play very well!

BTW if you still want to see me on TV there is a livestream option I will be on on 9th and 11th from 9am to 12 am so maybe you have a peek ;)

Lobe you!!!

dawnmarie said...

where do you get your crack?

Brian in Mpls said...

I live in minneapolis they sell it in the gas

Rocketstar said...

Brian, perhaps you should add a "thinking" disclaimer to your posts.....

Megsta said...

anything is possible.... I think you might just be right here Brian.... perception, creation, imagination
we do create the world around us, not just observe it