Thursday, July 06, 2006

Summer Flare

What I am reading this summer

1.) Of Love and Other Demons - Marquez

2.) Ironweed – Kennedy

3.) The Pearl – Steinbeck

4.) East is East – Boyle

5.) The Quiet American – Greene

6.) Joel on Software – Stolsky

7.) Reclaiming the Fire – Berglas

8.) The OZ Principal - Connors, Smith and Hickman

9.) The Purple Cow – Sodin

10.) Letters from Earth – Twain

11.) The Handbook of Mortgage Securities

What I have been listening to

1.) Panic at the Disco

2.) Jack Johnson

3.) Amos Lee

4.) Rascal Flatts

5.) Yo-Yo Ma

6.) T.I

7.) Snow Patrol

8.) MPR

9.) The Twins

10.)Three Days Grace

What I have been watching….

Nothing really since I don’t have a TV anymore

But I have been watching the World Cup at the bar and seen the last two episodes of Entourage


dawnmarie said...

you don't have a tv anymore?

I heart panic at the disco. haven't heard a lot, but what i've heard, i like. you should check out arctic monkeys.

lauren said...

I share many of your "listening" category and might have to check out a couple of those books.

theresa said...

Panic at the Disco, Jack Johnson, Rascal Flatts


Rachel said...

The Twins-
Excellent choice.

Megsta said...

I think I might just have to add that book I have for you back onto my shelf... looks like you'll be busy for a while!!! Just holla @ me when you're out of options... hehehe

Brian in Mpls said...

No TV I decided it was rotting my brain and the stager decided i was to ugly for the open house so out it

Meg..If you liked 100 years of solitude you would love Of Love and Other Demons same Author great book