Monday, August 07, 2006

Happiness is a 12 Block Dash to the Car

The rain sounds different downtown
Striking fields of concrete and glass
Uneven metal surfaces
Cascading down man made mountains
Filling in the lowest points
A symphony of water
A concert of natural and synthetic
An endless echo of static
Sound fills all of the space
I close my eyes
I can hear every drop crash
Washing away a tangible grime

It is pouring when we step outside
I feel electric tonight
The bass from the club still vibrating in my body
Just the right amount of liquor
Dancing in my veins
My jaw hurts from laughing
We step out from the over hang
And are instantly soaked
We are running down the street
Just laughing
Like when you were five and you jumped in puddles for fun
Get wet
Feel the rain stream down on your skin
She is soaked
I have never seen anything so beautiful
We pull each other into an over hang
Her lips find mine
Wet clothes cling to the body of a goddess
My arms wrap around her
Kissing and smiling at the same time
I feel her body pressed against mine
It feels like it was made just for me
I can smell the rain on her skin
I taste the rain on her shoulder
Happiness floods me
like the river formerly known as Hennepin ave
Maybe it is all just a dream
If it is please don't wake me


theresa said...

I love rain.

Rocketstar said...

I think I see a book of poetry in the future.

lauren said...

That's lovely.

Anonymous said...


Ren said...

Did I tell you I have butterflies in my stomach???

Brian in Mpls said...

You ate butterflies?

dawnmarie said...

poor butterflies. so young.

Ren said...

I want this framed with it signed by you for Christmas. Wait, it would be better if it was for Thanksgiving but Valentines day would be good as well.

Anonymous said...

I still think this would make a great could frame it and sign it and give it to me as my going away gift;)