Friday, August 11, 2006

My Perfect Day

I have to preface this with this is my perfect day at this point in my life...

My perfect day....

Wake up
Make Love
Go for a walk around the lake
Eat Breakfast @ the hot plate, zumbros or turtles
Enjoy a coffee
Work for 3 hours
Eat lunch (I am not so picky on where I eat lunch)
Read a book In a comfortable chair in a pleasing location (varies depending on the season)
Write a little
Take a nap and make love in the late afternoon
Take a long hot shower
Go to dinner..
Dance a little or see a show
Sit in a circle of friends and do shots and talk for hours about nothing
Make love


Ren said...

and then go to sleep and wake up at 3am and make love...

Rocketstar said...

Couldn't agrue with that day, except maybe cut the work out of it and add a round of golf.