Monday, August 14, 2006

Open Doors

Picture this....there is a long hallway.
At either end of the hallway is a set of two doors.
Each door can be opened manually by some one pulling or pushing
Or they can hit the handicap button and one door will open
I have been eating my lunch watching these doors
I have noticed an interesting phenomonnon
People will always go through the door that is open
Even if it is on the opposite side of the hall they are walking on
Even if they have to get in someone elses way to walk through it
To the point where people will jam up the door way rather then open the other door

This got me to thinking....Do we always take the path of least resistance?
Go for the known? Rather then the unknown?
I mean the other door could be locked?
There has to be a reason that everybody is using the open one.

When I finished my lunch I walked down that hall way past the crowd
And i opened the closed door and walked in and people followed me in
It was kind of cool and empowering so I decided for the rest of the day
I would do everything the opposite of the path of least resistance.

Here is some of the stuff that I did and I tell you I feel inspired.
Like my preordanined life was interuppted
Like today was brand i can't stop thinking of what else i can do differently

1.) When i got into my car at the end of the day I climbed in through the trunk and climbed out through the trunk when I got home.

2.) I took the stairs

3.) I walked to the store to get groceries

4.) I called a few people and had some rather difficult conversations that I could have avoided

5.) I switched my hand that my watch is on

6.) This is going to sound sad but I didn't have a drink

7.) I folded and put away all of my clothes

8.) I wrote a plan of 10 things I need to do to make my life better this week and be a better person

9.) I am going to bed early

This has been a message from Brian who is on a new path...or at least a different side of the hall


k6 said...

Most people are Effin lazy, they just go the easiest, fastest way possible... What is really disturbing is some people are in too much of a hurry...They will live their whole lifes rushing to get to their tombstones...

k6 said...

p.s, you should only enter the back of your vehical when you are too drunk to use the drivers side door...

Anonymous said...

I dont think it's sad that you didn't have a drink - maybe a bit sad that you think so... ?

Rocketstar said...

...on a different path...

-- That's a good thing, the fast and bumpy path you were on would wear anyone out.

The path of least resistant is the way to go, most of the time.

Jess said...
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Rachel said...

I hate people who use the handicap doors all the time. It always drove me nuts when I was working in Bismarck and people would push the button to open the doors instead of just pulling them open.

Ren said...

I think you are amazing but I really wish you would have never brought up the door thing. I'm always in a hurry even when I don't have to be and you know what I like that! I don't use the handicap doors though.

Good for you that you are taking actions to improve your life. Doesn't always sound like it is fun but hopefully it is all worth it in the end. I'm sorry but glad at the same time.

"EVERYTHING" encompasses so much...