Saturday, April 05, 2008

Play on Player Tip #254123

Increasing Pull Through Rate and Call Back Numbers.

A tip for all of my players. Now that I am retired I feel like I can share my secrets. Next time you are in a cab ask for business cards or ask at restaurants or hotels downtown. (Hotels are the best place to get these in bulk) Say you are new in town or you liked them so much that you want to share their company with all your friends.

Write your number on the back of the cab company's business card when you are giving it out to the ladies.

1.) You look responsible having a cab number. Bonus points. It also shows you know how to plan ahead...

2.) It will have less of a chance of getting thrown away vs. writing on a napkin or receipt or something that gets crumpled in your pocket and looks like trash by the end of the night.

3.) The cab company adds value to your transaction she is getting more then your number she is getting a possible safe ride home later. Ie. she is going to put in in a safe place...her wallet.

4.) It looks less contrived then handing out your own business card.

5.) It opens up a variety of cheesy lines like, "Call the front side for a safe ride and the back for a wild one" Throw in a wink and your cheesy cornball ass is gold.
Think of all the plays on words around Rides, Good Times, Meeting up at the end of the night for the number to the cab, spliting a cab, etc. I am not going to give them all away.

(Don't pull a wad of them out in front of the girl you are giving them too. Keep one in each back pocket and one in your wallet. If you give out more then three numbers a night at a single place you have no game and you sour the venue as girl A sees what you are doing to girl B etc..

Do not bring your own pen ask the girl to use one or the bar tender. Guys who have their own pens and business cards at the bar are bad if it is not happy hour you just look creepy.)


Mitchie said...

quite inspired, sir.

proof positive: I still have a cab card tacked above my desk from a charmingly clever driver who promised to 'pick me up anytime I wanted.' Mmhmm. Cheeky, that one.

JLee said...

I have to admit, #5 is kinda funny...

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, I am a better man now after having read that...