Monday, April 21, 2008

This Weekends Roll Call

Friday -

Watched 300 and Walk Hard - 300 was OK, Walk Hard was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


School - Yuck

Painted Last Coat in Guest Room

Finished Timothy Ferriss's The Four Hour Work Week - I liked several parts of this but it was nothing new and already a philosophy and way of life that I live. I did like that he put some words and frame work around how we talk about it.

Watched Ratatouille - I am really hating to admit this but I really enjoyed this movie.

Saturday night

Pre-Dinner drink @ Lyons Pub - Watched Rest of Twins Game

Dinner Murray's - Yum all I have to say

After Dinner Drinks @ Ike's

Night Cap aka Black the Fuck out @ Tailgate


Up surprisingly early.

Cleaned the inside of my car out.

Re-mortared bricks on the front steps.

Installed new security lights in the back yard.

Watched Casino Royale. I hate to admit it but I liked this one too.

Cooked Sunday Dinner(Broke out the grill) - Lemon basmati rice, beef and chicken kabobs, brats,yum.

Had some friends over for dinner, drinks and Rock of Love Reunion show


Rocketstar said...

We watched Ratatouille with the girls a few weeks ago, we liked it.

I'll have to check out Casino Royale.

JLee said...

I just watched the Rock of Love reunion show that I had recorded. He shoulda picked Daisy! ha

Anonymous said...

I might be a dork but I loved 300 and watch it a lot. I think it has to do with me being in love with Gerald Buttler!

Foster Communications said...

I watched Walk Hard this weekend too. Well, it was playing on the TV, I couldn't bring myself to sit and concentrate on it. I knew it was going to be a piece of crap as soon as he cut his brother in half.

oestrebunny said...

I also hate to admit that I love both of those films.

SARAH said...

omg, rock of skanks = best show ever.

i was sorta sad that he's still with ambre because i wanted a third season!

Kali said...

Ratatouille is pretty fucking amazing. Like, think how long it took to make that movie!!

Never mind... I'm an animation freak..

Dem Soldier said...

I too liked 300 and I did with sin city with Alba on the lead.

This last weekend, I and few friends rented and watched "Quiet City" and Charlie Wilson's War..quiet city was very moving movie shows everday life. Dunno if U like movies like these, there were no a lot of acting..but speaks true to today's young adults..I really liked it..the other two not so much, they hated it.

Charlie Wilson's War was great.