Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Something Funny About Those TV Spots

Anyone else think it is weird how many commericals are currently on TV for oil companies? They are just PR spots. They make no mention of the actual product they sell or where you can get. Just huge PR Campaigns before the elections. Public smoothing as oil prices rise to record levels.

Oil prices effect oil based products....plastics, paint, ink, transportation not to mention everything that is transposrted.

Just watch how many you see...there is just something creepy about it about it.

Feel good commercials for oil companies...why?


Rocketstar said...

Have you checked out "Crude Awakening" yet? you have to see it man, great documentary on Oil.

My kids kids are screwed.

Rocketstar said...

Hey man, Legends around 7:30 PM correct? Never got an email back.

Savy said...

I haven't seen any of those ads. Maybe they know we're really pissed off up north and aren't even going to try?

Boriquaz said...

I haven't noticed .. good thing about tivo you can ff through the commercials so u dont have to hear the BS.