Monday, April 20, 2009

Electrical Riddle

Ok so I cut the power to my garage putting in the fence

There are 4 identical black wires that run underground from my house to my garage. All same color, gage, etc.

With my multimeter I discovered which is the hot wire. (I originally assumed that I had 3 hot wires and a ground)

But there is a hot, dead line, neutral and ground.

My plan try the hot wire to each of the four cut wires and see when power comes back on seal it off and then try the next wire to each of the three remaining and so on...except after I ran through the hot wire to each of the four there was still nothing...

So I thinking there is an additional fuse that is blown somewhere or my connectors are not the right size for the ten gage wire?

Took apart every box and could not find another fuse anywhere in the line or garage panel and nothing :(

Tried all new connectors and nothing :(

How do you test three dead wires for the ground withough digging all the way to the box?


Travis Erwin said...

Just hooking a hot will not work because you have to have a return line.

My suggestion would be to splice in a temporary wire and then using your multimeter check for continuity.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, Sounds like the way you are handling this and the way I would handle it would be different. My approach would be to call an electrician -- cost me more sure, but the chance that I would shock myself or burn my home down is enough incentive

Superwoman said...

You don't.

You call an electrician.


...And thank you.