Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And They All Fall Down

Life's Ocean

Life's Atlantic crossing. If you boat capsizes when you can still see shore it is not a big deal. Like when you are young you can rebound better from catastrophe.

When you are old you have the same thing you can see the other shore. It won't be longer now. it is almost over.

But what happens when you flip in the middle?

How long can you trend water with no hope on the horizon.

Tired in life's shipping lane with help passing just out of reach.

Sometimes we hang on to debris floating by for a little break, little plastic bottles of Karkov water wings.

Sometimes we are lucky and get picked up.

Sometimes we find others boats to tie up to.

Some time people find us and give us more weight.

Sometimes people just stop treading.

There have been several incidents in the last few years of hardship leading the head of a household to kill all of the members of the household and while I would never condone that kind of behavior I understand the feeling feeling behind it. The constant emotional fatigue from stress and worry. I am thankful for the people who stopped their boats and picked me up. I wish everybody could be as lucky as I am.


Rocketstar said...

As long as it's not a pirate boat.

jennifer said...

:) Good post.