Friday, April 17, 2009

Travel Suit

Journal Entry - Sunday 4-12-2009
(I rarely publish journal entries since they are mostly incoherent babble but I just wanted to benchmark this feeling for the record)

Traveling is like trying on different lifestyle suits. You get to see life in a new light, a new style, a new fit. It stretches your entire minds horizon. Multiplies possibilities, opportunities and options.

It is early and I am on a deck over looking the desert with Palisades road in the distance. I can hear the bikers exhaust rattling through the valley. It is a beautiful sound something like freedom.

There is a snake fence on this deck and find that a little alarming, not as alarming is the wild fucking pigs that are roaming around in the front yard at night but enough that I am alert, not in a scared way more in a I wish I could see a rattle snake in real life way.

I feel relaxed in deep and meaningful way. In a way I have not felt in a long time. Like my essence is at ease. Like I have been shedding this confining suit piece by piece for years and it is almost off. I can breath. I can feel wind and coolness on my skin. I am alive.

Some random thoughts on planes...

I wonder if anyone ever plays ding-dong ditch on flight attendants? When the people in front of them are sleeping just reach over them and hit the button then quick duck down and pretend to sleep?

Why can't black boxes have video? Wouldn't that be helpful? If they can have an external mic why not an external video? or broadcast wirelessly? You always see these people huddled over the black box listening to sounds you would think one of them would just put a camera there so they know what was causing it?

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Rocketstar said...

black box video, great idea.