Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ultimate Revenge?

Is tobacco the ultimate revenge for the genocide of the Native Americans?

The say revenge is a dish best served cold....which after 400 years old this dish is probably sub zero.

Sitting at the Casino out in Arizona I couldn't help wonder if there was a secret Native American counter somewhere that is keeping track of all the people who die from smoking.

I wonder if they will have\had a party when the number of deaths from smoking passes the number of Native Americans killed in the past 400 years?

Is there a statue or secret hero who is worshiped for giving the new settlers tobacco?

It is a double whammy sitting at a table throwing money away on black jack smoking cigarettes that are $8 cheaper a carton because you don't have to pay taxes on them. Even if you don't smoke at the casino you still smoke at the casino.

Just a thought...

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