Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LMN - Million Tears by Brian Johnson

Here is the gist of my screen play\crappy book made for the LMN

The movie opens with an attractive couple madly in love.
(The man is a glass blower and there is a knock off of the pottery seen in ghost)

The woman is quickly and tragically killed

The man in morning locks himself in his studio and creates a vase that is a montage to his love.

As he cries into the vase his love is returned from the dead.

As word of this amazing feat gets out two powerful leaders one who is morning the loss of his love and one whose wife is dying try to take the vase.

A huge fight occurs with lots of people dying.

The man must between destroying the vase and killing his wife or letting the blood shed and chase continue.

In the end the glass blower and his wife kiss as he lets the vase fall from his hand and shatter on the ground.

*Fade to black*


Thomas said...

Goddamit!! You should've posted a spoiler alert, mother fucker!!!!!!!1

Emily said...

That sounds like a fabulous movie!

~Sheila~ said...

So do you think you can act out a little part of it and place it on youtube?

think about it.