Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4:18 AM

I woke up last night and looked out the window
In my neighbors backyard there were a pack of dogs wrestling against the fence that seperates our house.
I remeber thinking it was weird I wasn't afraid
I wondered why it was light light out?
Did I sleep in to late?
Then I remembered I was dreaming
I looked at the bed and I saw I was still asleep
I have never seen myself like that before
I could hear myself snoring.
Everything went black and I woke up.

When I woke up I was so sure I would see myself watching me that I looked around the room and wondered where I went.

I checked the window for the dogs

But they were gone

At least for now


Rocketstar said...

maybe you died but god decided to send you back here, to worship and obey him. ;o)

Sundar said...

I've had dreams in which I am looking at myself from above sleeping in my room. This is usually followed by an episode referred to as "sleep paralysis" where I try to wake up and move my arms/legs and I can't. The very first time it happened about 15 years ago, it FREAKED me out. I really thought I was being abducted by aliens. Then I read about it - it still happens every now and then, but I don't freak out anymore.

Narkissos said...

interesting! how come I never get to have dream like that? even sundar gets them!
so yeah better start worshipping and obeying the big dude......:)

Thomas said...

You had an out-of-body experience. Something similar will happen when you pass on. You can count on it. ;)

just a girl... said...

wow beyond creepy.