Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What Not To Wear - Brian in Mpls Edition

8 Common fashion missteps I tend to make....

1.) Not ironing both sides of my pants leaving them with a wrinkly deep crease in the back. (Hey I am not a morning person and tend to get a little lazy with the iron)

2.) Wearing mismatched socks. My sock drawer is a mess and sometimes in the twilight of the morning they appear to match only to realize that the adage opposites attract isn't always true in the day light.

3.) Wearing black and brown together....to be honest I thought it was a navy blue polo.

4.) Jean\Khaki belt with dress pants.

5.) Wearing pajamas to the farmers market and store on Saturday mornings.

6.) I thought white shirts wear ok under polos, but apparently only if they are v-necks.

7.) Wearing non-athletic shorts to kick ball.

8.) Apparently tube socks are also out now.


Rocketstar said...

"I thought white shirts wear ok under polos, but apparently only if they are v-necks."
-- No way, white t shirts are ok under everything.

Always , always wear a belt.

Sundar said...

A fashion misstep (so I have been told) that I am NOT avoiding: socks under birkenstocks.

MaryBeth Hughes said...

what is a jean belt?!

Jenna said...

What is wrong with wearing your pajamas to the farmers market or to the store on Saturday morning? Come on, it is early!

Charlotte said...

There is just something wrong with a jean belt. It sounds a lot like cut-off jean shorts...

I wear my pajamas on Saturday mornings all the time. Get yourself some UGG driving moccasins/slippers and then you'll look "cool."