Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Broke Down Palace

The extra stress of broken stuff around the house tends to really bother me. It is like this extra dull headache you just cant take anything for.....

Our neighbors house has been entirely rehabbed over the last few weeks and it just makes me wish I had the funds to do the same.

8 things that need fixing @ Home

1.) Upstairs toilet.

2.) Downstairs toilet - To be honest these are simple set up fixes I just need to get on.

3.) Main floor sink - Some time again some one took a dinger into it during a part and bent the drain pipes.

4.) Roof - with two slots of decking repair.

5.) Stucco - Living so close to the airport inevitably pieces just fall off from the vibrations.

6.) Two window frames.

7.) Back steps.

8.) Garage door.

Who knows maybe I will win the lottery and get it all fixed?

On top of that I would love to do a patio and paint the outside.


Rocketstar said...

The joys of home ownership.

Aunt Katherine said...

Yeah, some days you just wanna call the landlord. If I win the lottery, I would share with you, Brian...remember that I won a car!!

Narkissos said...

look at the smiley side, at least you have a house! millions live on the streets.......:)

Mags said...

What happened to the upstairs toilet? Did you host a party and someone used one of your "I want to fuck with the host" tricks? :)

I so don't miss being a homeowner. Except for having a deck. That part I miss. And a grill. Other than than, not so much.

Aunt katherine said...

Let me know if you'd like to connect with a good handyman for some of those jobs. I may be able to help, Brian.