Friday, September 25, 2009

The Modern Game Night: Checkers

One of my most endearing qualities is that I can turn almost anything into a drinking game. Here is a drinking game for two people.... I now present to you....drunken checkers.

What you need:
1.) 2 Different color markers to mark the plastic glasses.
2.) Sack of plastic shot glass (You will need one and two if you don't have two separate sets of shot glasses although in a pinch you can use regular shot glasses and put the black and red chips in the glasses to mark who is who, although this method is not advised since it takes up the room for the booze)
3.) Some kind of shot. (Since this is a quick game sometime using beer instead of booze makes sense)

How to play
1.) Fill all of the glasses half full and line them on the board like you would checkers.
2.) If you jump someone they have to take the shot and remove the glass from the board.
3.) If you get kinged you get your shot glass filled to the top.

Otherwise it is played like normal checkers...



Narkissos said...

nice! sounds like tequila checkers! in this case, the loser is actually the winner!

LiLu said...

GENIUS. This is so funny- I was just planning on suggesting a drinking game for the night when my honey gets home from watching the game!