Friday, February 04, 2011

The Most Dangerous Word in Software Requirements

The most dangerous word in soft ware requirements is ”etc.”

Such as I need I need something that does this function, this process etc. If you have these three letters anywhere in your requirements I can make three predictions.

1.) Your project is going to be late….really late.
2.) Your project is going to be over budget…..really over budget.
3.) You stakeholders and developers are going to be pissed since this is a key sign requirements are not complete and expectations are not known to all parties.

If a requirement document has etc anywhere in the document it FAILS.

Do it over.


BORGHY said...

Reminds me of Seinfeld and yada yada yada episode. Completely just leave out all the details.

"Actions need to be reportable and yada yada yada"

Rocketstar said...

Amen brotha.