Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On Going Out….

“The only things that are going to make your life different five year from now is the people you meet and the books you read”

I re-interrupt that a little to be the people you meet and the things you learn. With that as my frame of reference I have the following standing goals every year.

1.) Read 24 books – 12 Fiction 12 Non-Fiction (Learn)
2.) At Least 16 hours of formal training or classes (Learn)
3.) Go to 24 New Bars and Restaurants (Meet People)
4.) Go to @ least 1 concert - (Meet People)
5.) Go to @ least 1 play or show - (Meet People)
6.) Go to @ least one museum or art show - (Meet People)
7.) Go to @ least one social business related networking event (Meet people)
8.) Go to @ least 2 sporting events - (Meet People)
9.) Go to @ least one city outside Minnesota (Meet people)
10.) Every other year go to @ least one city outside of the US (Meet people)

I know some people might think these are weird goals but as someone who struggles with being an introvert I have a make a conscience effort to mix it up.

There are a lot of people I know who say it is a waste of money to go out. I look at it as an investment.
Here are the positive aspects as I see them
1.) New experiences keep your mind fresh
2.) You experience different venues (Which can come in handy in a variety of business situations)
3.) You build a variety of shared experiences that enable to more readily relate to different types of people
4.) You build comfort in a variety of different social situations.
5.) You learn to see the world in a different perspectives.
6.) You have a chance to interact with people that you can’t have on your couch.
7.) Life is more beautiful in 3-D
8.) You build better relationships not only with the people you bring but new relationships with the people you meet on the way.

So if you need a reason to loosen up on the purse strings and get out of the house try looking at how a night out can enrich your life instead of diminish your wallet and then go somewhere new. Smile, hold doors, say hello, and buy a round it will pay dividends in happiness I promise.

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emily (a nutritionist eats) said...

I actually really like your reasons for going out. They make sense.