Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts on what is going on in Wisconsin

What is being proposed ?
Walker is asking for government employees to contribute 5.8% of their salaries to cover pension costs and fund their own retirement .

Walker is asking for government employees to double their health care coverage costs.

In order to pass these two mandates he is proposing the end of collective bargaining. (Labor Union Resolution Process)

To the protestors in Wisconsin…..
1.) Go home. Do you really want to have this conversation?

a. Save for your own retirement – It is not a new concept the rest of us have to do and you don’t see people in the private sector hitting the streets.

b. Double your health care cost - You want to complain? Anyone who is in the private sector has seen this increase already.

2.) It pisses me off to sit and watch this play out. Tax payers pay for you to shirk your individual responsibility to plan for your own retirement and contribute fairly to the cost of your medical coverage and as soon as you get asked to pitch in the fair share you owe you protest? WTF?

3.) I can see why labor people are upset to certain extent over the proposed abolishment of collective bargaining but the reality is that these changes need to take place to balance the budget. The other option is laying off 12,000 people.

4.) The democrats that fled the state…..I am disappointed. What else can I say. The democratic process means that the people spoke and voted in people who support this measure. It should pass. If the people don’t like the outcome they will speak with their voting in the next election. To repeal or reform the bill. Leaving the state cheapens the democratic process we have in place it dilutes the meaning of every individual who casts a ballots vote. For the record I am a demarcate and for the record I think leaving the state and cheapening the meaning of our democracy is an abomination.

Go Home… or if you are one of the missing democrats come back…

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T said...

I remember when Democrats were still, er, democratic.
No more.