Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of the World

I love stuff like this. I love the fact that this idiot is actually making people feel nervous. I think it is amazing how everybody can see how crazy he is but still pick up the same magic book he is reading and think nothing is wrong with it.

The nature of prediction. There is a saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day. If enough predictions are made eventually one of them will come true not because you predicted it but because events happen. If enough people make predictions eventually one will come true, what we forget is all of the incorrect ones that lead to that moment or that that person getting credited for that prediction has never been right before.

Another example….this goes to manipulating people into believing you know something they don’t … in my crystal ball I am going to predict the following things for the next 12 months.

1.)There will be a number of tornados that will have a vast impact across the heartland one of them will be unusually strong.

2.)There will be an earthquake that will have far reaching impacts felt well after the tremors has subsided. It will break the crust of the earth and unleash waves of terror on all who are in its path.

3.)There will be a horrible plan crash that will look like someone dropped a plane out of the sky killing everyone on board.

4.)A great fire will scorch the earth and blacken the sky for miles. (Think wild fires that happen every year)

5.)A massive hurricane will flatten all man made structures in a geographical pattern that only I can interpret. (Now I am starting to make the transition into using something to make you think I am the only one who can do more)

6.)There is going to be great turmoil in cradle of civilization. The blood of many will spilled upon the ground. (This prediction has been coming true every year for the last 10,000 years)

7.)So on and so on

Is this the apocalypse? Am I a messiah? The next Nostradamus? Should you be afraid? No these are just events that happen every year. I am phasing these things in a way to frighten you. I am phasing them vague enough where I am going to be right. Statistically they are all going to happen. The beauty of human beings is they begin to attach their own meaning to these events and it will just grow and grow….

Should I start a church?

Oh well… I will still have to go to work on Monday..

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Rocketstar said...

Religion, so entertaining yet still scarier than SHIT!