Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Future of Books

Maybe books are dead? Even E-Books...

The purpose of a book is to convey information and record information. I wonder if the cost of producing mass media on the scale of u-tube and twitter if we will ever move from a society where the printed word is completely obsolete. Imaging if table technology became so cheap the instructions in everything you buy was a video.

There is a lot of information conveyed in a video that is missing in any given reading of like material. They say that 90% of communication is visual and seeing a video definitely helps with that portion of it, although I think we would lose a large chunk of our cognitive process. One of the great things that reading allows a user to do is to visualize things with their mind. They build special relations to the word in their own vision.

I wonder if the printed word disappeared if we would devolve somewhat? I think one of the things that readers are saying when they say that a movie is not as good as a book is they are saying that the world they created in their minds with the authors words was better than the actual interpretation by the director. What if we no longer got to interrupt the world but had it already done for us all the time?

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