Monday, May 23, 2011

History Stuck on Repeat

With the curve of space it is said that if you could see far enough you would be looking at the back of your own head. This made me think about radio waves and time travel. Since in theory radio wave go on forever they eventually will come back to the place of their origin just like me looking at the back of my head. So everything that has been broadcast will replay exactly in the same order it did the first time billions of years in the future.

Which means we will reenact this entire thing called humanity somewhere in the future. If I could find a way to travel ahead of the radio waves already emitting in the galaxy I could stand on other planets and relive the entire modern history. If I traveled further I could relive it again. In a sense history is repeating itself infinitely across the universe.

Isn’t that cool 15 minutes on air will be relived over and over again for ever.

Hopefully for your sake it Is not you calling into war of the roses….

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