Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Word on Bullying

A Word on Bullying

Yeah it suck to get picked on, but I have to think we are going about this all the wrong way.

1.) We probably have bigger and better problems we should focus our attention on.
2.) Bullying is not going to go away in the bigger world.
3.) You need to teach kids to be assertive maybe even aggressive think karate instead of telling them it is ok to tell…what are you going to do in real life? The man at the mall called you fat? Someone took your parking spot? You want to cry to mall security?
I was 90 pounds soaking wet. I took my lumps growing up. I learned how to cope with it. I developed survival skills and a sense of self reliance…something I am afraid we are forgetting to teach.

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Anonymous said...

Adults bully each other as much as children do, just in different ways. We use lessons from our childhood experiences to cope with similar adult situations. Honestly, I find some level of [sick] pleasure in seeing pictures on Facebook of the boy who called me fat as a child (I was never fat, he was just mean), he is now creeping up on morbid obesity, while I remain a svelte 110 pounds.