Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sun Country Airlines Sucks

I wonder if Sun Country is an euphemism for the land of hell? I recently had the opportunity to catch our local airline from Minneapolis to Phoenix for a quick weekend of a little R & R and the weekend itself was great. Although I was turned into a lobster in the first 10 minutes like usual I forgot how nice it is to actually see the sun. Weekend was great until the trip home.

1.)Only two ticket agents working and both of them were obviously stressed. Not liking to sit in the back of the plane I asked if there were seats open closer to the front and told no…. however there were lots of seats open on the plane as we took off especially the first row right behind first class which is nice for the longer legged people.

2.)As I arrived at my assigned seat (which cast 8 dollars to do online) the cushion was missing, which was shortly returned wrapped in a black garbage bag – apparently a person on the previous flight vomited all over the seat and wrapping the seat in a garbage bag and replacing it was Sun Country’s version of the optimal solution.

3.)No problem right lots of open seats on the plane – wrong the front row is suddenly filled by Sun country employees – how about one of them sits in the puke and lets the customers sit in the non-puke - ? Seems reasonable right? – Nope
a.How about some free drinks at least? - Nope
b.Voucher? - Nope
c.Apologies for treating you like an asshole and making you sit in a smelly pile of puke for three hours? - Nope

I guess Sun Country had better things to do

This brings me to a bigger beef you can not complain to an airline about shity customer service. They will call you an unruly passenger and get homeland security involved in investigating your life if you simply state you think you should be able to ride in plane not on a plastic garbage bag filled with puke. Why should I no longer be able to call a stewardess an assshole if they are being an asshole ...should commenting on the level of customer service really be classified as a matter of national security?

If this post is being viewed it is because Sun Country failed to satisfactory respond to my request after 15 days.

Sun Country - Fuck You


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Sank said...

Heh, they do suck, you're experience is worse than mine... puke seat..nasty.. but never the less, they're a fucked up company to be avoided.