Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Barbie = Bad?

I recently read an article describing how crippled and horrific the experience would be if a real life woman had the same measurements and expectations of Barbie. How unrealistic it is to have an image that we can’t live up to as an idol?

But they might get a complex and not feel good enough about themselves….

People look up to Jesus and are never going to walk on water or turn water into wine.

Is it wrong to have an image beyond which you could realistically live up to in your life?

If I had a statue of Zeus or David in although I could never physically live up to the stereotype model would it be wrong for me to try?

This brings up and interesting concept about striving to be better than we currently are, even if it is unattainable.

What is better? Would it be better to have little obese Barbie’s? How many people die of heart disease compared to anorexia?

Why not make normal sized Barbie’s? Little plastic Venus de Milo’s it is more obtainable right? I think because deep down we want, long for and even deceive ourselves into believing in an ideal version of things. We see an idealized version of ourselves and want to play with or look up to something that is just beyond our reach. I don’t think that is bad.

And then after all this you realize it is just a fucking Barbie and if you want another idol for your kids to play with or live up take them down target and buy them something else.

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