Friday, December 16, 2011

Moore’s Law Reaching a Breaking Point?

ok maybe not for another 20 years...

This is something I have never spent much time thinking about but in light of a few recent articles I am wondering how vast the impacts of it might be and maybe off souring the manufacture of technology to other parts of the world is a blessing in disguise. Like ticking time bomb placed picked up by your competitor.

Imagine for a moment that computers technology reaches a point where they can’t get faster or cheaper. Since next year’s model will not be any better than this year’s model there is no reason to upgrade your components. The market seizes. The high-tech manufactures producing items tank, the stores selling them tank etc.

I have always taken an optimistic view that science would find a way to keep the liner equation going but the more that I am understanding the limits of physics involved the process more I am starting to understand that there is a limit and we will hit it.

Maybe it is good that we off shore these services over the next 20 years and build more sustainable manufacturing bases here? We could be dodging a pending economic bomb and not even know it.

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