Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts Expand Exponentially

For a long time I thought that there was linear relationship to the ideas I could generate and the amount of knowledge that I consume. I see now that that is a correct statement up to a point. But at some point it starts to expand exponentially. Imagine my mind is like a refrigerator and all of the information I consume are like ingredients that fill the fridge. The quality of my ingredients is equal that which I select. Now as my fridge fills up there is a one to one relationship but at some point there is a realization that I can combine all of these items in different ways to come up with something different (idea) I realize that depending on what I purchased and put into the fridge I can make endless combinations of stuff that didn’t exist before. Learning how to combine these ingredients in ways then grows exponentially. Add to that it can also grow dimensionally once I learn about blenders, crockpots, the oven microwaves etc each one of those becomes another dimension.

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