Monday, December 19, 2011

Hebbs Rule and the Power of Thoughts

Hebbs rule states that every time a correct decision is made those neural pathways are reinforced.
Correct isn’t quite the right word but we can see its power. Every time say an addict smokes or commits a behavior that is pleasing it reinforces the pathway of the brain. Repetition of behaviors over a long time get stronger and stronger.
This leads the control of the pathways that will be reinforced in the hands of the person. It is up to that person to define what is correct and then repetitiously complete that activity.

I can reinforce whatever I view as correct behavior, absent a role model I need to choice for myself what that behavior is. Thankfully over the long haul I have become better and better at which items to reinforce and which ones to diminish.
What behavior am I reinforcing today that is needs to change for the benefit of the long run.

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