Thursday, December 08, 2011

Link Between Teacher Salaries and Abuse Cases?

I am starting to wonder if the decline in teacher’s salary actually puts children increasing at risk of child predators?

The theory is that a teacher makes a smaller percentage of salary for their skill in the class room then they would in the real world for example a trainer with a sports team makes $150,000.00 and a gym teacher makes $30,000. (I am totally making these numbers up just as an example)

Now in order to take a job that pays less salary presumably other incentives come into play. Sure some people trade money for summers off and some people trade more money because they like children. But this is where I think this can get skewed as the wage disparity between private sector opportunities and teaching positions widens it will start to produce more cases of molestation since a partial factor of choosing to teach will increasingly be an extreme love of children and the bucket of people who demonstrate this extreme love of children over financial compensation will in my hypothesis include increasing numbers of child predators, who have an ulterior motive or derived benefit to make up for the financial disparity.

Something to think about when voting down referendums?

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