Thursday, December 22, 2005

Brian Johnson Version 3.0 Six Month Forward Looking Plan

For those of you who are like what the F@#$ is that title all about. I do not believe in resolutions. I am very methodical in practice and use of what I do. I Believe that I can plan and shape my life in the way that I would like it to be so here are my goals for the first 6 months of 2006. And yes if you are wondering this is actually how I spend my days off...planning this stuff.....

1.) Change the nature of my work situation - this is tied to my 3.0 goal of career diversification and pay increase of 35% - At the core of this goal over the next two years is building professional maturity that comes with timely delivery and expanding social network.
PMP Certified
Three successful releases for FD
Two New Suits
Re-join PMI and attend two events
Project managers and Analyst Book clubs
Resume Update and three practice interviews before May 30th

2.) Health - This has become increasingly important to me over the last few years as I have begun to notice age creeping in on me. My goal is to get under 23 on the BMI scale.
I will do this by settling the following as goals
40 Gym Visits - that's right balleys I am back
1 10k Run
30 Karate Lessons - I am going to learn to kick ass and be working-out and getting elective credits for the course how sweet is that?
2 more servings of vegetables or fruit a day
No more trix - switching cereal to something with more fiber(I will miss that rabbit)
Substitute water for 2 of my three diet cokes a day

#3 Finance - because lets face it you have to fund life
Increase long term savings funding 1%
Pay off both credit cards
Finish home improvement (Kitchen and Bathroom)

#4) Personal
Six credits at school - this is half of my usual load as I am going to focus more on work this year
12 Articles submitted for publication
12 books (4 book club, 8 personal)
*This one is just for me*
*Another one just for me*
*Last one just for me*


dawnmarie said...

I think the most confusing thing about the title is the word Mouth...

Suits are hot. Just sayin'.

2 servings veggies and fruit? Josh will be so proud.

Brian in Mpls said...

Good call...was supposed to be month has now been

I know I love suits....modern battle armor

I know Josh is pumped until I told him to do this i need to increase the amount of veal that i am eating...that one hurt him alittle

dawnmarie said...

ha! nice. poor Josh.

yeah, I love when I get to go to the government center to have lunch with nick or my mom. Lots of men in suit to ogle.

Rocketstar said...


Here is a simple question to ask oneself, " Does this behavior/issue/whatever, make me happy?

If not, then either:
1.Change it
2.Deal/accept it
3.Stick in the "I am done!" resevoir until it overflows. Keep it simple.

Health: I love it. Dude, if you are serious about the karate lessons, I will do it with you. That would be a good physical change of pace for me. Let's talk.

Nice, here is my thought of the day:

What if, the earth is just going through it's cycles and there are starting to be too many humans on it which is why we are starting to see more viruses pop-up. It could also be that the fact that the Earth is warming, it is creating a very good "Microbial" environment.

Either way, what if someone more powerful than SARS does spawn, and takes out like 10 million people or something.

THat would be very interesting, socialogically.

Brian in Mpls said...

I think we are close to that with the avian flu...except the numbers could be much higher then 10 million..I agree it is going to be interesting.

I totally agree with the cycle theory too there has been tons of ice ages and warms ups in the past non having to do with global warming from pollution...although people have undoubtbly altered the earth.

Brian in Mpls said...

You want to ogle me?

jamerz said...

great life changes, except the BMI under 23, anything 25 or lower is good. you need to get the suits then take pics and post them, totally sexy!!!