Thursday, December 29, 2005

Candle in the Wind

What exactly is this supposed to mean "sir"?
Who would put a candle in the wind where it would just blow out?
Doesn't seem very responsible.
Can't you put it in a bag?
Or put one of those cones around it?
Protestors seem to do it all the time, plus they are often marching creating more wind and their candles seem ok...
I guess you should just plan ahead for the wind even if it is not there to begin with
or better yet don't light a fucking candle where there is wind in the first place.

***Booming voice** "("Picture Earl Jonesish circa Star Wars IV")"
It is meant as a metaphor for how fragile life is and for living it with reckless abandon.
***Boom Ends***
But life isn't fragile?
It is actually pretty damn resilient.
I can break every bone in your body and your body will heal itself.
You can over come all types of stuff and a race of people living reckless would have become extinct.

I mean isn't a candle a good enough comparison for life all ready?
Burning down every day.
We are all candles and we don't know the size..ohh I just gave myself chills that was awesome.

PS I still like the song
PSS If we can make a wind proof zippo why not a wind proof candle?


Dawn said...

hee. I like your RIP link. Thanks. And, interesting post.

Brian in Mpls said...

i will take it off on monday
period of morning

lewisjones88289137 said...

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dawn said...

monday period of morning? shwa?

I'm working on setting up a new one. I was getting tired of being aurora, I'll get you the link when I'm there. I have to archive all my old posts so they're still around.

dawnmarie said...

there you go!

dawnmarie said...

oh! I get it! period of Mourning...

Brian in Mpls said...

I thought that word looked funny....Can you believe i am actually trying to learn another language?

dawnmarie said...

I wasn't trying to be a brat, I was honestly confused. sorry.

Rocketstar said...

We can make a candle that doesn't blow out, but they wouldn't cost .95 cents and sting when your lover pours it all over your body baby!!!

So Rocketstar said.

Rocketstar said...

Check it out, all I have done so far is basically created it.