Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Player vs the Game....

"Don't hate the player hate the game.....You damn sell-out" These were words that leaked into our final discussion in Political Science class last night and for some reason they stuck with me.

Because isn't this statement followed by the cursing of someone as a "sell-out" really in effect saying that you are hating the player? Isn't the so-called sell out just playing the game? In in most cases doing a better job than you?

Why do we hate the players of the game so much?
Why would I rather be called a bitch than an ass kisser?

I admit I hurl this insult at people who I work with who are just better able to form relationships with the "right" people than I can and they hurl it at me where I am better able to manifest relationships then they are. As I search my own hating of the player I find that my "hating" comes not from some kind of moral outrage as I would like people to believe, but from jealousy masked as indignation.

So I will change this quote henceforth ("Don't hate the player hate the game, unless they are different than you or better than you then tear their ass to sheds so you can feel better about yourself.")
Or Learn to deal with it...what ever works for you

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