Saturday, December 31, 2005

Moment in time 6:00 p.m - 6:15 p.m

I will never leave
The pealing paint would tell you
Even if I didn't
The shower cascades
Over my bright pink body
I have been in here too long
And yet not long enough
Steam fills the top half of the room
I bend down
My head coming out of the clouds
Like a giant in a fairy tale
I watch the yellow stream
Race the clear stream
Down the grade
Past my feet
Into the drain
I win
I reach for the shut off valve
I know it is not a matter of if
She told
But who?
And How?
I dry my face first
I knew I was fucked
The Second I saw her Pull Away
Cell Phone illuminating the car
Pierceing the safty of the darkness
Before she even pulled into the street
Where is a preverbal bus when you need it?
I don't have to go tonight
Why am I racing to this end?
I just got off work
I try to relax
I sit down
Pour a drink
But every butterfly in my stomache
Tells me drinking it
Would be a bad idea
I pee again
Third time in 10 minutes
5 drops and a small spurt this time
I pee when I get nervous
My Mom says it is cause
I am part irish
But that bitch has lied before

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Rocketstar said...


I really don't know how to respond.

This post is very Chuck Palahniuk.

I wish you lived next door.