Friday, December 23, 2005

Moment in time 1:30 a.m - 1:45 a.m

The damp sharp cold saps me
Heavy with past drunkenness and fatigue
It is late
My pace quickens
I am tired
The music from the clubs
Is loud in the quiet street
Only 4 blocks left
My burning face
And tingling hands
Tell me to hurry
I have to pee
Should I go in here?
Surrender to this building?
Just for a minute?
Just to be warm?
Everybody inside looks warm
I keep moving
They looked to happy
What time is it?
Who cares
I take a deep breath
A cold wind
Forces air deep inside me
I choke
I touch my glove to my mouth
The snot freezes to the leather
Before the glove is back in my pocket
My feet actually hurt with each hurried step
A vibrating pain starting at the heel and fanning out
1 Block left
I don't have to pee anymore
I can't feel my ears
Tears swell up
But not from the cold
I turn the corner
The blue sign glows so bright
P is for Park
How simple
How grand
How uncomplicated
I open the door to the ramp
I relax
I always wondered if they really monitored these premises
Guess I will find out
Stream rises from my piss
Even though I am technically inside
Things swirl in my head and fight with each other
I am being watched
I don't care
You Fucking Perv
I notice as I yell
I am crying
Why did they say that?
Why did I say that?
The car struggles to start
I am still so fucking cold.....


Rocketstar said...

What do you cal this, a Bloem, mix of a Poem and Blog? Either way, this has been the best one so far.


Brian in Mpls said...

You like that...have you seen R- Kellys Rap-opera? This is going to be the same thing kind of like the TV show 24 and R-Kelly and Brians flavors all mixed...over the year these moments will all tell a story but skip around throughout the day...

jamerz said...

so descriptive as if i have been in that situation, oh yeah, i have! why is it that we tend to go downtown more often in the dead of winter than we do in the summer, but we still where the same attire?

Brian in Mpls said...

Was that you in the drink? lol