Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Are You In Here?

I am a dog chasing a tail
that's been cropped
I am a student searching for a class
That can't be taught
I toil in fields
That I will never reap
I sleep in a body
That can't find rest
I release a fist
But can't find peace
I seek love
In this place of violence
I am violent
In this place of love
I fill my life
With emptiness
So there is more room
For stuff I don't need
I find me
Then shut my eyes
Until I am a stranger again
Then I relax
I am a living ghost
If you look close enough
You can see through everything
Even this
I am 28 years old
And my reflection
Still startles me
I am woefully unfinished

1 comment:

Megsta said...

Hmm I realy liked this one.... not sure what my response should be exactly, but it was enjoyed