Sunday, March 12, 2006

The space between

Two conversations I have had recently have sent me to the mountain for a little thought.

Two simple questions with not so simple answers and I think one might give meaning to the other.
1.) So what do you believe in?
2.) What are you searching for?

I am searching for the space in between.
The space between a hand shake
The space between the said and unsaid
The space between containment and release

I am looking for the force. (Very star wars I know)
The force is the name in physics between the potential energy of and object and the kinetic energy of it after the force is applied and the energy released.
It is the variable of what sets a log on fire changing it from wood to heat.
It is the space between potential and action
It is the space between what is and what could be
In this space between there is thought, ambition, dreams, instinct, insecurity, chance, logic, illogic, fear, control, emotion, decision, understanding, reflection, meaning, motivation, there is force.
It is the moment before I use my strength to punch you and me breaking your nose.

I am seeking to learn about the space in between what I am capable of doing and what I do. I am seeking to understand the underlying form of Brian...the Why and how in hopes of shaping the what.

This has led me into the bowels of Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, and psychology. It is what I scour these texts, it is the reason I show up for class early. It is what I reflect on when I go to the mountain. It is the reason I am sometimes afraid of myself.

I believe that I can control the force, that I can understand the space between. That I can harness my actions and take control of my life to live out my dreams. I believe it because I do it everyday.

For my math purists I understand that this analogy is not perfect and that resting matter is still kinetic because atoms are in constant motion. I draw the above from the over arching definition of energy where energy in physics, (Definition from the ability or capacity to do work or to produce change. Forms of energy include heat, light, sound, electricity, and chemical energy. Energy and work are measured in the same units—foot-pounds, joules, ergs, or some other, depending on the system of measurement being used. When a force acts on a body, the work performed (and the energy expended) is the product of the force and the distance over which it is exerted


Rocketstar said...

Great post, I really like this one.

I understand what the meaning is even though as you pointed out, the actual physics may be off.

I love the idea, the "tipping point" so to speak (no pun intended).

The moment between watching tv and falling asleep.

It's such an intoxocating moment.

But to be able to stop in that in between moment, to be able to stop right before that impulse raises your arm and you strike me in the face.

The energy, the possibilities, the in between.

dawnmarie said...

thanks so much for putting a stupid Dave Matthew's song in my head. and artist i like about as much as damien rice.

rocket, that's a great moment.

the space between tolerable and intolerable. when does something become too much?

Brian in Mpls said...

That is usually the space between the 6th and the 7th shot of

dawnmarie said...

well, i think swearing at me was a bit uneccesary... :)

FACE said...

I enjoyes this 1 alot, I always like allthe stuff you write.

Enery fo' life! and for life.

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