Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bulletin Board

I drive by a church bulletin board that has a new saying on it every week. And I won’t kid you for as big as an agnostic as I am I find some of the sayings it has posted inspirational. However there is a quote right out of the scripture this week that is really bugging me…..

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

This doesn’t make sense to me at all. Maybe I am missing something that someone can explain to me. If we flip around the words it becomes obvious how ludicrous this is.

God gives food to those who go to the grocery store

God gives water to those who go to the lake

What did god really do here again? Seems to be giving him a boat load of credit for something that you did.


Rocketstar said...

For anyone that thinks "God" is watching over them and aiding them in any way, tell that to the child that is analy raped by his preist, by the child that is molested by his uncle, by the innocent victims of drive by shootings, by those that are starving to death everday.

Where's the stone into bread majic trick? Prayer is a placebo used by many to relinquish themselves of any responsibility for thier own actions and/or situation.

So while "God" is helping pro athletes win thier game, he obviously is not looking out for the disadvantaged, what an asshole.

lauren said...

So Rocket, are you saying that in order for God to truly exist, the world has to be perfect?

I think the point of the "God helps those that help themselves" saying is that you can't sit back and expect God to do everything for you. You've got to take some responsibility to do things for yourself, whether that is going after something you want, working hard, telling someone you love them, etc. Yes, it might not always work out in your favor. But that's where, "God works in mysterious ways" comes in! ;)

Rocketstar said...


What I am saying is that IF there is a "God" and IF he DOES "help" out people at certain times, but not all of the time then he is a motherfing asshole. As why wouldn't he help out the rape victim before the rape happens oh ALL Powerful one? Is "God" sadistic?

Mysterious or sadistic?

IF there is a "god", he is merely an onlooker or an asshole.

Dem Soldier said...


mdkims said...

may be in america it may not be so apparent ... you need food you drop into the supermarket ... you need a glass of water, you reach over your fridge ... but in many parts of the world, people lean on the Provedence for this most basic things ... and in a small way do their best to believe that if they play their part God would reward them ... it is this hope that keeps them going ... praise God!

Rocketstar said...

mdkims, God is the ultimate PLACEBO, you are correct.

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